Don’t let your power bill be bit by the Energy Vampires

Leaving electronics, like chargers, power tools, cell phones, games, computers, laptops, tablets and appliances plugged in drains energy and reduces battery life.  Take Charge products are surge protected and you can leave electronics plugged in without draining energy.   Take Charge Power Savers extend your battery life and reduce your electric bill up to 8-9%. Industry research shows you shouldn’t charge electronics for more than three hours. Doing so will diminish the life of your battery and require unnecessary and expensive battery replacement. Our energy efficient, battery saving products can extend your battery life by up to 2 times.

Nine California Universities performed an independent study and found that each Take Charge power strip in use will save $5.00 per month on your energy bill.  The Universities that participated in this study were: UC Berkeley, CSU Monterey Bay, California Maritime Academy, Chico State, CSU San Bernadino, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, Humboldt and Cal Poly Ponoma.

Some scary facts for you:

  • 10-20% of your home’s electricity consumption is due to appliances left in standby mode.
  • A mobile phone charger uses 4 watts while charging a phone, 2 watts even when the phone is fully charged, and STILL 2 watts when the charger is plugged in without the phone.*
  • U.S. home standby usage at 50 watts, or about 5% of nationwide electricity usage.
  • On average, homes contain 19 appliances using standby power.
  • Computer printers are one of the biggest energy wasters, some of them drawing 11.4 watts when idling.
  • DVRs, meant to replace VCRs, can draw 50 watts when “off”.

* Calculations assume 3 hours of product use and 21 hours of standby mode at .105kWh

So how does it work?

Take Charge devices save you money and energy by automatically shutting off power to your attached devices after 3 hours.   The Take Charge power strips cut the drain of vampire energy by blocking power to the device.  If you have devices (such as a computer or TV) that sit unused for hours on end, Take Charge saves you money by automatically turning off those devices after 3 hours.

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